Colombia El Carmen Decaf Capsules

Colombia El Carmen Decaf Capsules



WHO: El Carmen Washing Station


COUNTRY: Colombia


ALTITUDE: 1650m-2000m

PROCESS: Sugarcane Decaf


Our perfectly balanced and tasty decaf, but in a tiny pod made from 100% compostable wood shavings.

Our Colombian sugarcane decaf is a sweet cocoa like coffee. Notes of milk chocolate and almond dominate the cup. What makes this decaf different from every other decaf we've tried is that it is fresh crop coffee. Often decaffeinated coffee is old crop, left over from the last harvest. This coffee however is fresh, and you can taste it!

Why capsules?

We’ve joined the pod gang. It’s been a long time coming and we didn’t want to do it half heartily. POD waste is a real issue, and we didn’t want to contribute to this. Even the compostable capsules on the market have an allowable amount of bio plastic and focus only on the output side of the chain. We wanted to take a look at the input side, and what was making up these capsules. It’s important to be compostable, but it’s even more important to use sustainable materials to create this compostability. That’s why we are launching our BS1 Espresso, Brazil Classico and Colombia El Carmen decaf in pods made 100% from wood shavings. They are held together in a matrix of starch and can literally be thrown into your garden to decompose and go back to nature where it all started. Coffee grounds are great for you garden anyway, so think of them as little nutrient bombs!

*We couldn’t be prouder to be the first in the UK to launch with wooden capsules. Good coffee, good for the planet*

*Nespresso compatible*

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