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Coffee is at the core of what we do. We pay exceptional attention to detail, via practice, science, taste and control. We take a systematic approach to quality control, regularly cupping, tasting and developing roast profiles to ensure for good overall development of the coffee. This gives our coffee the maximum sweetness, balance and complexity you and your customers will love.

Sourcing practises

We take our sourcing approach very seriously, and direct trade is at the heart of what we do. Working with producers directly is no small feat, but it's one of the parts of the business we love the most and makes it all worth it. Typically we are paying producers 3x more than if they went to conventional market, cutting out middle men and giving back to those who make it all possible. Sourcing our green directly from farmers and like minded importers allows us to receive quality we know and trust, and for farmers to receive the premiums and money they deserve for their crops.

Our recyclable bags

The planet needs us! All of our packaging is LDPE 4 recyclable plastic. Our bags provide a strong and stable barrier from light and oxygen, with a one way valve and locking zip - keeping coffee fresh and the planet a little happier.


We roast all of our coffee on our lovingly restored Probat P25. This roaster had a life before us in the big smoke. It was used there for a few years before it gave up in a puff of smoke. Then 10 years later we came along and bought her on the spot as seen. We fixed the original issue and completely stripped the machine down. Now it runs amazingly and we power it with 100% renewable and green gas. We couldn't do it without her!

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