Why we're all about Rocket Espresso

Here at Triple Co, we love some Rocket Espresso – If you’ve somehow not heard us banging on about them (TeamRocket4EVA), chances are you’ve seen them elsewhere as they’re beloved by home espresso enthusiasts. But did you know that they make some pretty rad commercial machines too? Boasting sleek design and Italian build quality, all with a price tag that won't make your eyes water.


It all started in 2007 when Third Wave coffee culture from down under collided with traditional Italian machine building. This was thanks to Rocket's co-founder, Andrew Meo, who already had over a decade of experience in the coffee industry with his own roastery and café in NZ. When he heard about the financial woes of his regular supplier, Espresso Company Milano (ECM), he saw an opportunity to help and collaborate on a rebranding of their machines for the emerging specialty market.

Fast forward to today, and Rocket has a range of over 14 different domestic and commercial machines on offer. From the compact 'Appartamento' home machine to the 'R9V' cafe beast, they've got the full smorgasbord of machine options. If you're after multi-boiler technology or pressure profiling, they've got you covered. There's even the stunning 'Sotto Banco' under counter machine, for those looking to showcase the cutting edge of espresso engineering and design.


We were lucky enough to visit their factory and HQ in 2021, and we saw first-hand their dedication to quality, design and consistency. It was an impressive operation, with 70-100 domestic machines being produced and tested daily. All in the tradition of 'Fatto a Mano' or 'Made by Hand'. It's a really exciting time for us to be working with such a forward thinking company and we truly believe in the quality of the machines they produce.

If ya wanna know more, just pick up the phone or drop us an email. We love to talk Rocket :)