So, everything looks a little... different. And that's because, we're different. 6 years has passed since the birth of Triple Co Roast, and in that time we've learnt & grown. That isn't to say we've lost that part of ourselves, our three core values are still the same. We've simply, evolved.

"When I started the business 6 years ago, the coffee community was different and I was into a different style of speciality coffee. It was all clean lines, white lights and laboratory style brewing. Think Copenhagen coffee lab, and the espresso bars of nordic countries. Our logo and branding was born from this, all made in house by me during my time in California"

"I've always wanted our brand to personify who we are today: passionate about good coffee, but not afraid to get our hands dirty. We wrench & fix espresso machines, our cars and anything with a motor in it. We're relaxed, playful and enjoy a good time. We need a brand that is cohesive in that and represents that - something to bring it all together. This is why we decided to rebrand!" - Jo Thompson

Still the same old Triple Co, but with a face lift. We're still Bristol, small independent & proud. That much will never change. We hope you love our new look. It's been a long time coming, and it's something we're all so proud of that we feel reflects who we are well. Forever fixing machines & bringing you the good bean.