Rona and 2020

What a wild few months we've all had - and by we I mean the entire planet. Covid19 came crashing in on 2020 in a way nobody could have foreseen or expected. It's been an interesting and difficult time here at Triple Co, with lots of ups and downs. To start with I was really worried. Worried we wouldn't be able to support staff and to continue buying coffee from our producers. It really sunk in when Jose, one of our partners in Colombia text me saying would we be able to confirm how many sacks of coffee we wanted for this year. I quickly realised it wasn't going to be any where near what we previously estimated.

After the initial wave of panic had passed, our online sales started picking up and there was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We've had to basically adapt from an almost 95% wholesale business to 95% online retail business. Now that we've got a few systems in place, a regular collection with Royal Mail things are working a lot smoother.

Despite the dampening effect Corona has had on 2020, we are still excited and optimistic for its second half. We've got plans to release some cool merch and T-shirts after working with a local artist, as well as patterning up with some really cool businesses to bring you good coffee.

Stay tuned for our T-shirt release as well as some updates on our new partners!

Team Triple Co x