Looking Ahead To 2022

At our annual Christmas dinner, this year hosted by the cracking folk at Marmo, we always take a moment to reflect and look ahead. We can get so caught up in production, roasting & tasting coffees, that we can forget to look at the bigger picture of Triple Co and our impact beyond bringing good bean to your mug.

First thing we all noticed, is how much the team has grown. Our Christmas dinners are no longer Jo & Sam having a candle lit dinner for two. This has been one of the biggest changes this year, having a real team of passionate characters that make Triple Co more of a family, with everyone having their own unique impact on the vibe in the roastery. 

We went around the table, everyone giving their thoughts on Triple Co 2022. Conveniently we all shared one want in common: more community. Aren't we cute eh? Turns out, we quite like you people... We've grown from a tabletop roaster in the corner of Elemental Cafe to our own industrial space, with a pool table on the mezzanine overlooking our 25 kilo Probat. So we decided, it's about time we give back and get more involved in the Bristol community. 

We have ideas in the works, and our Land Rover Defender is just about ready to come out to play. We're not giving out any secrets just yet, so keep an eye on our socials for any community related events. We'd love you to join us, and maybe someone will have the skills to take Sam on at a game of pool.