How to make a cold brew & tonic

It's summer. It's hot (sometimes). We get it, you don't always want a hot cup of coffee. You want the smell, the flavour, the caffeine kick, but not necessarily the sweat that comes with it. We're here to help.

By now you've surely heard of cold brew, right? The last few years it's become a bit of a thing. And you don't need to buy it for extortionate prices at the supermarket either (although it's cool its now on offer). Cold brew is incredibly easy to make, even easier than a hot-brew. But it's summer, and we want something more even more refreshing, something with a bit more punch. 

Cold brew & tonic. Sounds fancy. It's simple. And damn tasty.

Here's how you make it:

Step 1 - Pick a coffee. We recommend something with a bit more body. Ideally, something naturally processed. If you like fruity, go Ethiopian. If you like chocolate, go Brazil.

Step 2 - Grind course. A fair bit courser than your usual filter brew. Ideally fresh. Otherwise ask us to grind when you order, or ask your local coffee shop.

Step 3 - The recipe. 1 part coffee to 5 parts FILTERED water. Water has a big impact on coffee... Don't make me go on a rant here, just trust me. 

Step 4 - Use a cafetière, or any old jug really (as long as you have a way of filtering out the grounds later on... and no, a sieve won't do the job).

Step 5 - Add the ground coffee. Add the filtered water. Give it a gentle stir to make sure all the coffee is wet.

Step 6 - Leave it on the side for 20-24 hours. Cold brew extracts super slowly & it will depend on a variety of factors (exact grind size, water used, preferred taste etc)

Step 7 - Drain the coffee from the grounds. Use a wet paper filter if you want to achieve a smoother finish.

Step 8 - Put it in the fridge. 

Psssssssst. This is actually cold brew concentrate, so don't neck it by the glass.

Step 9 - Once cold, measure out equal parts cold brew concentrate to tonic. For example, 50ml worth of cold brew to 50ml of tonic. Put it in a fancy glass, or in a mug, whatever floats your boat.