Bristol is back!

For us in the industry, there’s been something missing the past two years. We love coffee, not only because of the complexity of flavours, the seemingly endless potential of taste, and that comfort from a hot mug o’ Joe. For us it goes beyond that. It’s the people & social buzz in the speciality coffee community. There’s something relatable in all of us that draws our attention to the good bean, and we think it attracts some amazing folk. Here in Bristol, there’s a vibrant coffee scene that we’re proud to be a part of. Pre-pandemic we had latte art throw-downs & cuppings galore. Any excuse to gather us in a room, talk some coffee but let our hair down together over a few beers. For almost two years we explored our love for coffee itself, one half of our love for the industry. It gave us time to take stock, see how far we’ve come, reassess our direction & overcome our addiction to after coffee socials at Small Bar.

While this time did us wonders in improving our skills & operation, we missed the people on the other side. Our saving grace was our loyal stream of click & collect regulars, you kept us going through winter hidden away in our roasting cave. It was such a pleasure to enjoy small doses of connection with those of you we don’t usually meet, on the other side of the delivery chain.

For a little while we wondered if Bristol would ever find that buzz it once had. So we cracked on, opened a new roastery, launched subscriptions, grew our roastery team, bought a 1997 Land Rover Defender, and roasted up good bean from new & exciting origins. We celebrated landmarks huddled inside the roastery, with beers from Left Handed Giant & cake from James’ Great British Bake Off subscription.

As we kept our heads down, Bristol woke up. Time flew by, and before we knew it we had invites to coffee festivals, cafe launch parties, and in the last two weeks we’ve attended two throw-downs (one we hosted in our new roastery). It was so refreshing to see familiar faces, and at the same time felt like no time had passed at all. We’re back, like nothing has changed at all, but thankfully we haven’t been guilt tripped into drinking buckets of oat-milk White Russians yet... Until the next oat sponsored throw-down...