A couple of tonnes (almost)

So we did it again. For the third year in a row we've bought from the same co-operative and producers in Narińo, Colombia. We've seen considerable growth in what we have been able to buy this year (I remember starting with only buying 1 bag of the Inga Aponte Honey coffee 3 years ago) and its been awesome. Not only have we been able to get better coffees each year, we've been able to pay more to the producers.

We are super happy with the three different coffees we've purchased. I'll quickly go through the details of them below:

1. Colombia SantaCruz (New BS1 Espresso) - This new coffee that was bought specifically for our BS1 single origin espresso was grown by Amelio Santa Cruz. It is a washed coffee with an altitude of 1860m, grown in the Nariño region. rermented for 14 hours before being dried for 15 days, it has a super sweet caramel and milk chocolate flavour, followed quickly by red fruits. When looking for this bean on the cupping table our aim was to buy a coffee with a cup profile consistent with our previous BS1 Espresso, a coffee enjoyed as a milk drink or black.

2. Colombia El Chorro - This coffee was bought solely because of its amazing and unique flavour. Our friend Jose threw it down on the table as a last minute offering, and when we tasted we were amazed. The coffee has a strong grapefruit note, and aromas similar to a freshly squeezed glass of the stuff. The grapefruit is followed by black cherry and chewy caramels. This washed coffee wont disappoint, grown at 1750m, fermented for 24 hours and then dried for 10 days, its a show stopper.


3. Colombia Aponte Cherry - We only have one bag of this super tasty number, so if you want a taste you'll need to snap it up quickly. This coffee is an embodiment of the flavours of the Inga Aponte/Tablon de Gomez region. Grown at 2050m, fermented for 23 hours and then dried for 22 days, its a super high altitude coffee that performs. Cola, red fruit and lime dominate the cup in this coffee. Its a fruit bomb!


We hope all of you get to try some of these coffee before they go, as we are very very happy with them. We couldn't be more proud of all the hard work our friends Jose and Pablo have put into working with the growers, milling and processing these coffees. 

If you have any questions, ping us an email!

Triple Co Team x