We've officially been in our new roastery by the arches for a whole year! And that means, our refurbished Probat celebrated its 1 year re-birthday. So we did what any sensible people would do... We bought cupcakes and threw a mini birthday party. Oh, and we bought a super special coffee from Diego Bermudez! 
Diego is a multi award winning farmer from Colombia, well known for his experimental fermentation processes, and also for his bulldog that happily roams the farm and poses for pictures with coffee cherries. This coffee is an absolute banger & very fitting for a celebration. If it was decaf, we'd be knocking it back hourly.
One year in the roastery has gone by fast. It all started with a lick of black paint, followed quickly with beautiful oak work surfaces & a showroom to match. This being said, there's so much more to come. When we first walked into the open space, we wondered how we'd ever make it feel full. But our partnership with Rocket Espresso quickly changed that, with the upstairs being used to stock espresso machines ready to be installed at a coffee shops at a moments notice.
Summer is coming, which means the Defender will be coming out a lot more for regular events. We've just had it wrapped in the new branding, and we're stoked with how it looks. Keep an eye out for it on the streets to pick up a flattie direct from us!
And lastly, cause of the Rona, we've had so many flights out to see our man Jose cancelled. We make a point to go see Jose & stay on the farm every year, to keep the relationship strong & admire the amazing work he does to bring us good green bean. We have plans to hopefully get out there in May, so we'll keep you updated and hopefully bring you some first hand reports & pictures from where our beloved BS1 espresso is grown.