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    A first for a while! It's been almost a year since we've had a juicy Tanzanian in, and we are so excited. This coffee starts off with a sweet and fruity mango note. The mouthfeel is fudgy, and the end is light like Darjeeling Tea. An interesting and complex coffee with a comeback.


    This coffee was grown by the Mkulima Kwanza Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS) which was founded as collaboration with Communal Shamba LTD which is 100% founded by young Tanzanians. As well as farmers, exporters and marketers are also members of Mkulima Kwanza so transparency, traceability and quality is shared along the value chain to ensure that farmers receive fair premiums. The AMCOS seeks to minimise the length of the value chain and add value through experimental processes & good quality control.


    Ripe cherries are carefully sorted to select the highest quality and then dried in the sun on raised African beds for an average of 14 days.


    The Songwe Region is the second largest producer of Arabica coffee in Tanzania and the majority of producers are smallholders.


    Roasted Tuesday & Thursdays, shipped the day after. 

    Tanzania Ushindi PB

    • origin info:

      Who: Mkulima Kwanza, Communal Shamba & Mkulima Kwanza Collaboration

      Region: Mbozi, Songwe

      Country: Tanzania

      Varietal: Bourbon, Kent

      Altitude: 1650m

      Process: Natural

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