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    A late contender for coffee of the year, we've been excitedly waiting for this one since it really stood out on the cupping table. This Peruvian veers away from the classic chocolatey profile and is incredibly distinct, fruity and vibrant. A bright lemon acidity, followed by layers of complex sweetness. Banana, mandarin, caramel and skittles. What's not to love?


    Toribio Vega Segovia is a coffee producer from the village of El Condor in Huabal. Toribio owns a couple of hectares of land which is mostly planted with caturra and typica. One plot is entirely planted with caturra, which in this area tends to produce a very small bean size, but with a very distinct, floral cup profile. The farms are off the road between El Condor and San Pablo, and sit at 1900masl, with the highest point in the farm reaching 2000masl. Toribio picks himself, with some hired workers too during the peak of the harvest, and he processes and dries his coffee at his house.


    Roasted Tuesday, shipped Wednesday.

    Peru Vega Segovia

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Toribio Vega Segovia

      Region: El Condor, Huabal, Cajamarca

      Country: Peru

      Varietal: Mixed

      Altitude: 1900m

      Process: Washed

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