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    Another first for us, we're excited to bring you this tasty coffee from Nicaragua. It offers all the juicy and full bodied mouth feel you desire, combined with some interesting dried fruit acidity and honey florals that linger nicely on your tongue. It's an ideal morning coffee, with some bonus complexity. 


    Leana Lovo inherited her farm from her father, and is a third generation coffee grower. La Fuente is a 24 hectare farm in the Dipilto area of Nueva Segovia and is planted entirely with Catimor. Catimor is a varietal first produced in Portugal, which was bred from Caturra and Timor Hybrid to increase disease resistance and increase yield. Leana planted Catimor in response to years of crop failures due to coffee leaf rust. When farmed correctly, Catimor can be highly productive. 


    Through selective picking of very ripe cherries, and extending fermentation time to 24 hours, Leana is working to maximise the quality of her coffee. She believes this is the only alternative to the current low market price of coffee.


    Roasted Tuesday, shipped Wednesday. 

    Nicaragua La Fuente

    • origin info:

      Who: Leana Lovo

      Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

      Country: Nicaragua

      Varietal: Catimor

      Altitude: 1400m

      Process: Fully Washed 

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