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    An exciting new origin for us here at Triple Co Roast. When cupping samples, we always try to taste blind to not have preconceived ideas on the coffees we're about to try. This one, just blew us away. Bright green apple acidity, syrupy black currant sweetness with an interesting candy-like spice to finish. Super fruity, super clean, damn tasty. 


    Green Land estate lies on the road between Pyin Oo Lwin and Mogok, near the border of Mandalay Division and Northern Shan State. This is a family business led by U Sai Wan, who has childhood memories of seeing coffee farms along the road near Pyin Oo Lwin each time his parents took him from Yangon to visit family in Northern Shan. Now he runs one of the largest arabica plantations in the country (about 450 acres) and has won awards over multiple years of Myanmar’s national quality competitions.

    U Sai Wan is a Sales Director of Mandalay Coffee Group, one of the primary leaders in the Myanmar Coffee Association, and a leading innovator of the national industry. He operates the estate together with his uncle and aunt, along with two local agronomists and many local workers.

    The majority of coffee grown at Green Land comprises of Costa Rica, a type of Catimor, with SL34 forming around 10% of the farm. U Sai Wan is also conducting experiments with Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Geisha.


    During harvest season, ripe cherries are handpicked by trained pickers and the cherry is pulped on site within 24 hours of being harvested.

    Cherries are put into water, floaters are removed and the cherry is then pulped and fermented in concrete tanks for 48 hours, using the aerobic method to retain a higher concentration of glucose and fructose in the fruit. The beans are patio dried for seven to 10 days. All wastewater on the estate is neutralised and treated and then returned to the farm for use.

    After a period of resting in the Green Land warehouse, coffee is then hulled, sized, and sorted at the Mandalay Coffee Group Pinhalense dry mill. Specialty lots for export are always sent through the Satake optical sorter, and then hand sorted at least once to meet contract specifications.


    Roasted every Tuesday, shipped Wednesday. 

    Myanmar Sai Wan

    • Origin Info:

      Who: U Sai Wan

      Region: Mandalay Division

      Country: Myanmar

      Varietals: SL34

      Altitude: 1158m

      Process: Washed 

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