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    Still here, still releasing tasty coffees. This new Burundi is incredibly smooth and sweet. It's nicely balanced, providing you with something that'll go down easy, with some subtle complexity to keep you guessing. Satsuma, red grape and soft baking spices. 


    Izuba meaning “sun” in Kirundi, is located in the
    Kabarore Commune, of Kayanza Province. The Izuba washing station is set close to a nearby river, providing a vital and regular fresh water source for coffee processing.


    Izuba currently produces washed coffees, and is actively developing both honey and natural processed lots, that will become larger in volume this year. The station aims to provide premiums where possible to not only the farmers, but the station staff also.


    The farmers last season were paid 4% higher than the market rate, and the employees were paid 25% higher than local stations; 33% more than the national average. Once the coffee has been fully processed, the remaining coffee pulp is turned into a natural fertiliser as it degrades. When ready, it is distributed to local farmers to add nutrients to their soil.


    Roasted every Tuesday, shipped Wednesday. 

    Burundi Izuba

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Izuba Washing Station, Kabore Commune

      Region: Kayanza Province

      Country: Burundi

      Varietals: Red Bourbon

      Altitude: 1700m

      Process: Washed 

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