Guatemala San Antonio Huista
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    A classic Central American coffee profile, full bodied and booming with those deep sugary notes that you want to keep on drinking all morning. Smooth and balanced. Braeburn Apple, Toffee, Raisin.


    Huehuetenango is the highest altitude region cultivating coffee in Guatemala. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from Mexico, the region is protected from frost allowing Highland Huehue to be cultivated up to 6500 feet (almost 2000m). The extreme remoteness of Huehuetenango means that most producers need to process their coffee themselves. Fortunately the region has plentiful water supply with many rivers and streams, so a mill can be placed almost anywhere. An abundance of local knowledge and skill also means that while home-processed, these coffees are treated with excellent attention to detail and are the amongst the most sought after in Guatemala due to their high quality cup.


    This coffee is produced in a very artisanal fashion, with producers carrying out a complete washed process in their own home or small farm. Cherries are pulped mechanically, fermented for around 24 hours on average, washed and then dried on small patios with manual selection of the beans and careful attention to detail.


    Every region has its own culture of coffee processing. In Huehuetenango it is special. Tall mountains tower over the coffee producing areas, inducing cool temperatures which means that coffee takes time to ferment; sometimes longer than a day. Coffee is therefore often fermented overnight, pushed into a washing channel for a density separation, then let to sit for another full day so that the last bit of mucilage can be washed off. Drying of the coffee is done on any flat ground that can be found. The harvest and processing season is typically dry, allowing the farmers to sun dry their coffee on small patios.


    Huehuetenango’s producers are specially known for their artisan approach to processing, where every farmer develops their own process on their homes or nearby yards, so as to ensure the coffee is always supervised. After washing the coffee is always 100% sundried.


    Roasted Tuesday, shipped Wednesday.

    Guatemala San Antonio Huista

    • Origin info:

      Who: Seleccion San Antonio Huista, 140 small holders

      Region: Huehuetenango

      Country: Guatemala

      Varietal: Bourbon

      Altitude: 2000m

      Process: Washed

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