• Ethiopia | Dambi Udo | Whole Bean


    This year we've been especially loving natural Ethiopians, so what better way to transition through to the new year than another fruity banger from the Guji zone. This Ethiopian offers a slightly softer blueberry acidity, which transitions through to a deep strawberry jammy body and florals to finish. 


    Dambi Udo is neighbouring Shakiso, populated by small farmers that have only recently started to engage in coffee production and harvesting. The young producers are much more open to change and are more receptive to training on farm management and picking. 

    Abiyot, owner of Buno General Trading, decided to focus on processing natural Specialty grade coffee, collects only the ripest cherries and dries them on 25 meter long raised beds. He made a difference in the community’s harvesting habits by paying an additional 1 birr/kg to the farmers delivering fully red and sorted out cherries.


    Roasted Tuesday, shipped Wednesday.

    Ethiopia Dambi Udo

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Buno General Training

      Region: Dambi Udo, Guji, Oromia

      Country: Ethiopia

      Varietal: Heirloom

      Altitude: 2100m

      Process: Natural 

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