• This directly traded Colombian from Javier offers all the classic profile characteristics we've grown to love, with a little extra complexity due to the anaerobic process. It starts with delicate but snappy grapefruit acidity, followed by a very sweet and full mouthfeel, and notes of brown sugar and red currant.


    On the farm, they make sure to only harvest mature fruits. The coffee cherries are then fermented for 12 hours, followed by a further 24 hours once pulped. The beans are then dried on beds for 18 days. 


    Roasted every Tuesday, shipped Wednesday. 

    Colombia Javier Castillo

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Javier Isidro Castillo, San José

      Region: Nariño

      Country: Colombia

      Varietals: Castillo

      Altitude: 1850m

      Process: Anaerobic

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