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    Christmas is here, and with it comes… Christmas coffee. This year we’ve got something incredibly special from our friends Jose and Pablo. We are releasing a 25kg nano lot of natural anaerobic Geisha. This coffee is a bomb. A fruit bomb that explodes in your mouth making you wonder what just happened. It’s guava, watermelon and pineapple. It doesn’t taste like coffee and it definitely doesn’t taste like brandy, mince pies and mulled wine. Perfectly suited to… Christmas. 


    Each year we stay with our friend Jose Gomez, who owns a farm in a town called Buesaco. The farm is called El Paraiso and this is where we sleep and spend a lot of time. He picks and processes all his coffee on the farm, and is always experimenting. Last year we visited it was all about the honey's, and they had almost more honey processed coffee than washed. Jose particularly was processing large amount of the Honey coffee, and encouraging the other farmers he worked with to do so also.


    This year however it was all about the Anaerobic fermentation. It was a strange sight at first, huge plastic tubs full of coffee cherry. Jose began to explain to us how they'd been trying out this new processing method and having incredible results. It didn't take long for us to believe him!


    In the cupping lab we tried this one small 25kg micro-lot and it blew our minds. The depth of the fruit went much further than any natural processed coffee I had tried. It was pineapple and guava right there on the table. It was one of those experiences that reminds you of the incredible complexity and variety coffee can offer. It definitely did not taste like coffee. 


    Due to the lot size of this coffee, we will need to roast it by order. This may mean there is a little wait for the coffee, however we promise it will be worth it!

    Colombia El Paraiso Geisha

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Jose Gomez, El Paraiso

      Region: Buesaco

      Country: Colombia

      Varietals: Geisha

      Altitude: 2000m

      Process: Natural, Anaerobic 

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