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    This new juicy coffee from Colombia boasts big blackcurrant up front followed by a sweet rhubarb juicy acidity. As the coffee cools a sugary caramel body finshes the cup off. A perfect Colombian.


    Finca El Jardin is owned by Huber and Maricela Grialdo and they have owned the small 2.5ha farm for 13 years which is planted with the varietals Colombia and Caturra. 


    They are part of the Cooperativa Andes which is one of the biggest in Colombia with 6000 members. The coop is very socially focused and is one of the first in Colombia to begin a pension fund for its members. As well as this Huber is part of the micro lot program the coop runs by providing extra support and technical advice to those with real potential and drive. Huber has been part of this since 2018 and the quality of what we cupped on the table was matched in the organisation and pride at their farm.


    Initially when they took the farm they lived in the wooden house that was already constructed there. Through hard work, they were able to save and build a new house just two years ago with a majestic view out over the coffeelands below. The farm is beautifully organised and the family do all the work on the farm themselves during the year. Each year the family produces about 30 bags of coffee that can be exported from their small plot. As well as coffee they also generate income from the sales of bananas they have planted in and amongst the coffee.



    Roasted Tuesday & Thursdays, shipped the day after.

    Colombia El Jardin

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Huber and Maricela Grialdo

      Region: Finca El Jardin, Andes, Antioquia

      Country: Colombia

      Varietal: Caturra & Castillo

      Altitude: 1800m

      Process: Washed

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