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    This tasty Brazillian has kept us coming back for more. This coffee is a sweet chocolate like coffee, with an orangy taste followed by almond and praline. A classic profile that suits the coffee well.


    Sitio Bandeira Branca has been in the Dutra family since 2004 when Thiago's father bought it to raise dairy cattle. However in the last decade the dairy industry became harder to make a good living and when Thiago had grown up they decided to change from dairy to Coffee in 2016. Thr first coffee trees they planted with fund from the sale of the milk and then later they cold the cows to pay off their debts.

    With a clean slate Thiago took about teaching himself how to grow coffee on the farm where he also works with his 3 sisters. With his attention to detail they have been able to produce specialty coffee from their first harvest. The coffees are mechanically picked as the land is flat enough for a mechanical picker. The coffees are separated by lot and variety. On the farm they have yellow bourbon and yellow catuai, topazio and yellow bourbon.


    Roasted Tuesday, shipped Wednesday.

    Brazil Bandeira Branca

    • Origin Info:

      Who: Sitio (Farm) Bandeira Branca

      Region: Ilicnea, Sul De Minas

      Country: Brazil

      Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

      Altitude: 1180m

      Process: Natural 

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